n600 Wireless router question

hello, im kind of new to this whole router stuff but recently i bought the n600 router. i set up 2 connections (2.4 ghz, 5ghz) i have it connected through a qwest modem(very bad) and the reason i upgraded is because qwest's modems are really slow and a router helps that. also one of my xbl gaming headsets would interfere with the qwest modem and cut the internet out until i shut my headset off. my brother can seem to connect to the 5ghz connection on his mac laptop.. on XBL and my toshiba lap top i can only connect to the 2.4 ghz network. i want to connect to the 5ghz network because my gaming headset runs on 2.4 ghz and interferes with the internet causing the 2.4 to disconnect even on the n600 router.

so basically my question is why does my brothers mac laptop connect to the 5ghz network and my laptop and xbox only connects to the 2.4ghz and not even giving me an option to click for the 5ghz. thanks in advance. also im probly not gonna check this post very often so if you could private message me the answer that would be great. thanks.
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Re: n600 Wireless router question

The xbox and toshiba used cheaper parts and only support 2.4GHz connections most likely.
I am in no way affiliated with Netgear other than as a consumer. Anything I advise may break your router and void your warranty.
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Re: n600 Wireless router question

xbox's new wireless adapter is dual band adapter .
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