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I got this email from ISP:


Per our call, ISP has confirmed that their port facing you is hardcoded to speed 100 duplex full and therefore your will need to configure any port facing this handoff to speed 100 duplex full as well in order to recieve optimal performance from network. If your router does not have the option to hardcode the WAN port to 100 full, we recommend that you install a managed switch between the ISP handoff and your Router and hardcode the uplink towards us to Speed 100 Full Duplex.


we just purchased netgear ea8500 because of internet issues. in the morning, internet down 2~3 hrs. after 3 hrs, automatically up again. (On) didn't do any action on the router and switch.


ISP(modem - Fiber) - Router(netgear EA8500-purchased new, Gigabyte) - Swtich (24 port - purchased new -Gigabyte) .

Can you tell me what does 100 duplex full means in EA8500 setting?

can we adjust?


Thank you.


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Re: netgear ea8500

I’m not aware of a Netgear EA8500, there is a Linksys EA8500?


Most Netgear home grade router do not provide the facility to disable the Link Auto negotiation feature, so when you connect to a device that has the Link rate manually set, the auto negotiation can fail to set the correct rate and/or duplex. As per your ISP advice a workaround to this would be to use a managed switch between the modem and router, with the modem connection manually configured, and the router connection set for Auto negotiation.

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