netgear router using my download

i am using a bigpond mobile broadband modem with a netgear router. my question is this: When i turn my laptop off, does the router still use up my bandwidth/download ???

i only ask because i turned off my laptop last night and left my modem and router connected and on. in the morning i checked my account usage and i noticed that a small amount of download had occured overnight even though my laptop had been turned off. nothing big, only something like 20-30meg, but over a couple of months, this anomaly would eventually start to cost me.
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Re: netgear router using my download

Just leaving the mobile card on will use a small amout of data. You might look at the card setup for some options like sleep after so many minutes of inactivity.
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Re: netgear router using my download

There is other user has express using with netgear mobile band router that it can not disconnect in the interface when there is no traffic is made.

I would look any firmware updates if the have done any changes. if not you may need to remove the USB stick to save the bandwidth since most will have limited allowable usage before you will get over changes.
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Re: netgear router using my download

Look at Cradlepoint Router if it becomes a problem using netgear.
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