no lights - WNDR4000

any suggestions how to troubleshoot? The lights are off on the router, with no internet connection to the desktop. All cables are securely plugged in. I've unplugged it from the surge protector and plugged back in.  I have internet for the phones and iPad and don't want to loose that while trying to troubleshoot the router/desktop connection. Thanks very much.

Model: WNDR4000|N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router|EOL
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Re: no lights - WNDR4000

@Juanti58 wrote:

The lights are off on the router....

The first thought is that the power supply is kaput.


Do you have a spare that you can try?


There is support for the WNDR4000 at the end of this link:


>>> WNDR4000 | N750 WiFi Router | NETGEAR Support<<<


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Re: no lights - WNDR4000

Michael - thanks so much. Before I head to a tech, this sounds like a good direction to get started. I'll be better prepared to discuss the challenges. Thanks again.

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