remote management not working


remote management not working

Since all major browsers desupported SSL3 I can no longer access my R6200v2 via remote management. I'm using the current firmware. Is there any chance that this will be fixed soon or do I just pitch my less than 1 yr old router in the garbage?

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Re: remote management not working

There are at least a couple of options to consider before you pitch a perfectly fine router.

Download an older version of your favorite browser that still has SSL3 support. I wouldn't recommend this, though, since your router would be vulnerable to bring hacked from the Internet.

Another option is to set up a VNC or a RDP server (protected with strong encryption, of course) in your home LAN. You would then connect to it remotely and from there log into your router. Because the connection is coming from the LAN side, you don't need to rely on enabling remote management on the router. You would need to set up port forwarding to open up one port to reach the server.
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