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router bad

I am using the netgear router n150 and the other day i lost internet connection to my netflix streaming device and im not sure how to tell what the problem is .

I have been told that the n150  isn't my best choise anyway  and should be using the n600

any suggestions ?



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Re: router bad

Selecting a router is dependant on your requirements: 


- How many users? Large area to cover?

- Do you want to use the device in router mode or AP mode?

- Type of wifi clients? b/g/n/ac? Single band? Dual band?

- Type of use. Lots of streaming? Gaming? Just browsing?

- What type (and speed) of Internet connection do you have? Are you planning to upgrade your internet service in the future?

- Are you looking at possibly adding a NAS at some point?

- Considering using VPN on the router?


The list is long, but IMO, these are some of the more important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a router.


Here's a link to a Router List that you may want to look at.




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