router speeds are slow

I recently bought a new modem Motorola sb6121 that would be compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 so that I can access the full range of speeds from Comcast. Unfortunately my Netgear router is not transmitting those speeds to our wireless devices. When a computer is plugged in directly to the modem the speeds are as fast as advertised. When they go through the Netgear wireless router there is a severe loss of connection speed even in close range.

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Re: router speeds are slow

Please post the actual rates that you see.

What are your wireless settings, particularly encryption method (e.g. WPA2), selected mode (rate), is WMM set?
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Re: router speeds are slow

You cannot expect the same speed that you get through the Modem when connected to the wireless network of the router. The wireless network works only of half duplex. Also there will be data lost when transmitting the signal wireless. Moreover through modem direct connection you will get the full bandwidth to the device hardwired to the modem but when connected to the router that bandwidth will be divided among all the devices actively connected to the router(though not equally)
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Re: router speeds are slow

lurzan, You can expect the same speed that you get from your ISP as long as the wireless speed can support such high throughput. I am not sure about Comcast but I think their highest DS3 speed is only 150 meg. The 3700 should be able to most of that without issue. Key points.. 1) You want the WAN connection to be gigabit (between modem and 3700). 2) You want to be sure to use AES style encryption (or more to the point, make sure it is not WEP!) 3) Wireless Laptops / Phones often do not even operate at 300 link rates, so knowing what the laptop hardware is able to do is a must. This is not to shift the blame from a router, but If the laptop only has a 150 meg card, then you shouldn't expect it to do more than half that at best. And there shouldn't be any "Lost" data. While I know what your meaning, we should instead say that some data may need to be "Retransmitted".
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Re: router speeds are slow

Check the wired connection from the router if gets normal speed. This is to identify if only wireless connection is getting slow speed from the router?
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