thinking of buying one of these


thinking of buying one of these

hi all,

thinking of buying one of these and ive done a comparison between this the ASUS RT-N66U, the TP Link TL-WDR4300 and the Billion 7800DXL

ive found out the speed and distance of the netgear works out the best out of the others, im just curious is this router robust/reliable for wireless and wired

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Re: thinking of buying one of these

external antenna base such as ASUS RT-N66U might have better performance then all internal.
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Re: thinking of buying one of these

go with external antennas! The rules regulate output power, so they all should be at or lower than max ERP allowed. I have some doubt on how the calculations are done by each vendor.
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Re: thinking of buying one of these

I have used the 4500, TLWDR-4300 and RT-NU66.

I currently own 2 4500's and the TPLINK.

I found the Asus and Netgear comparable in range and performance. I like the 4500's GUI better. If having multiple guest networks is important to you, the Asus is the winner. TPlink is third in overall performance at 300+450. Hardly noticeable, but present when signal strength drops at the edge of its transmission range.

My recommendation would be the Asus or Netgear, unless you need ASDL in your router and are only looking to have one device on your desk.

I like my 4500 over Asus for one reason. It stands I a upright position. I have a 2 story home and up 30 connected devices. Computers, phones, tablets. I stream video, use Team Viewer/Log Me In and VOIP regularly (at the same time). The 4500 has met all of my needs. I returned the Asus because it sits flat and has floppy antennas. This is just a matter of aesthetics.

jmizoguchi and Searay both point out the strengths of the Asus. External MIMO antennas do provide better directional broadcast over internal. Another consideration is features. The print server and USB device support in the 4500 has not been one of Netgear's strong points. I didn't use these on the Asus. All of my printers are network ready, and I own several NAS. If hooking up a hard drive to the back of your router is important to you, then once again, buy the Asus.

Off topic, I installed a R7000 for a client and it's performance was great. It's a monster but has great range. Good Luck.
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