unauthorised intruder in LAN !!


I am using a Netgear router (DG834G), with MAC-adress filtering activated (ie, only a defined list of MAC adresses should be allowed to connect).

However I have identified an unauthorised MAC, that regularly connects to my network (I m 100% sure it is not in my list) :
. how is that possible ?!?
(if it helps, I can provide the corresponding 2 screenshots - 1. list of authorised adresses WITH activated box properly ticked & applied - 2. network mapping showing that "intruder" MAC adress)
. is there any way to block a specific MAC adress ?

I guess I have an "unauthorised" guest - which both probably takes a lot of bandwidth, and causes serious security concern.

Thanks !!
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Re: unauthorised intruder in LAN !!

First - MAC address filtering is a wireless only "security" feature - and the reason I have "security" in quotation marks is because it's not very secure.

Your "intruder" could be a device connected to a LAN port.

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