Re: usb sharing wnr3500l


usb sharing wnr3500l

I have been messing around with my network.
The problem is now that the hard drive I have connected to my
Netgear WNR3500 router
can no longer be accessed from my laptop.
It must be said that I previously had no problems and it has not been disconnected from the router.

Any suggestions what I should enter and modify to get it to work.
It can be seen from the router's control panel, but it says "Not Shared" next to it.
I am using windows 7 and windows firewall
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Re: usb sharing wnr3500l

So you have been messing around with your network?
Read the user manual re your problem.
It says: "Share Name. If only one device is connected, the default share name is USB_Storage. You can click the name shown, or you can type it in the address field of your web browser. If Not Shared is shown, the default share has been deleted, and no other share for the root folder exists. Click the link to change this setting."
Capiche? HTH!
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