wired port very slow on wpn824n


wired port very slow on wpn824n

a blu-ray player is the only thing wired to my wireless router and im only getting about 500kbps for speed. wired it straight to the modem and i get 10mbps for speed. wireless speed seems fast enough, i dont know how to test the wireless speed. network is secured and the only other device on the network is a galaxy tablet. cant stream movies without quality issues or interruption. please help, thanks.
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Re: wired port very slow on wpn824n

you need to check with PC wired to the router and do the speed test
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Re: wired port very slow on wpn824n

ok, from a laptop wired to my network with the same ethernet cable, i performed a speed test and it said the download speed was around 5mbps. so looks like the blu ray player is the problem? i dont understand, i just purchased this player because the old one was this slow as well. anyways, thank you for your help.
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