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wnda4100 Connects to 5gz, but only for 5mins

I have a wnda4100 that was not letting me connect to 5Ghz WIFI only 2.4Ghz(red light) , I followed these step ( https://community.netgear.com/t5/WiFi-Adapters/Cannot-connect-WNDA4100-with-Windows-10/m-p/967950#M8... ) and did follow to let me connect to 5Ghz(blue light), But every time I follow those steps the 5Ghz connection only stays connected for around 5-10mins and then the device is no longer recognized or found connected to my PC ( I have to restart my PC to have it reconnect ) but goes back to only connecting to rhe 2.4Ghz. I am running Windows 10.

Model: WNDA4100|N900 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter|EOL
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Re: wnda4100 Connects to 5gz, but only for 5mins

What firmware version do you have on the device?

A number is more useful than "the latest". (It may not be by the time people read this.) There can also be newer versions, or "hot fixes", that do not show up if you check for new firmware in the browser interface.

It might also help if you told people what the modem is in front of this router. The model number could be useful. Is it, by any chance, also a router, with a set of LAN ports on the back?

The reason for asking is that a lot of people turn up here trying to put a router behind a modem that is also a router.

Having two routers on a network can cause headaches. For example, you can end up with local address problems. Among other things, the other router can misdirect addresses that the Netgear router usually handles, such as routerlogin.net or the usual IP address for a router,

This explains some of the other drawbacks.

What is Double NAT? | Answer | NETGEAR Support

Apologies for all the questions. But you can help people to help you by providing the information suggested in this forum's header:




Subject (Include model number and brief summary)
Model (Recommended - Helps the community give the best answers)
Body (Include additional detail including model version, firmware, OS and environment where relevant.)


They are there for a good reason.



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