wndr3400v2 wifi inconsistent


wndr3400v2 wifi inconsistent

I have a WNDR3400v2 running V1.0.0.16_1.0.34, which I believe is the latest firmware. I have disabled the auto feature for channel selection, enabled the highest speed of 300 mbps. My router is in a downstairs room, in house only about 1900 square feet. In some cases, no matter how close and how few obstructions to the router, wifi will drop off, sometime even become undetectable. I'm fairly limited in my knowledge of any of this type of technology, so I used Netgear support to help me make the changes that I've listed above. I do not know what else to do, but I'm pretty frustrated and just about ready to take it back and get a different router that is more stable. Help?
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Re: wndr3400v2 wifi inconsistent

I got mine today and it wouldn't let me connect to the 2.4GHz. I reuploaded the firmware and reset it and disabled the 5Ghz and set it to 300 Mbps. It reduces to 144 Mbps as shown from InSSIDer which I believe is from channel overlapping. But so far it works again.
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