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wndr4500 or wndr3800


Which router would reccomend? for best performance and range. I saw some threads about the 4500 that drops connections, any issues I should be aware from these routers? thanks
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Re: wndr4500 or wndr3800

I have a wndr4500 and it mine is solid. I highly recommend this product to all my friends and family. My only complaints are:

1. MAC filtering - seem to be unable to find a way to apply MAC filtering to only some SSIDs.

2. Only one schedule can be applied to the access filters.

3. No IP/MAC address bypass for Parental Controls. There is a great little bypass utility but it supports only MAC PC devices and Windows PC devices. I would like to be able to exclude other clients - and those - by IP or MAC address instead.

4. No DD-WRT build supports this router yet. I would use this to address the limitations above if it did.

All in all this is one the best routers I have used, and I am a IT Pro...
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