wndr4500 w/ 3TB GDrive


wndr4500 w/ 3TB GDrive

Hello -

I have a 3 TB GDrive formatted for HFS, that I can't seem to use via ReadyShare. In the router admin menu, under Basic->ReadyShare, with the *Basic radio option selected, I see no devices.

I have tried re-connecting the drive to the router multiple times -- the drive works fine when connected to a mac or PC.

Any information with this drive/router combo would be appreciated ... so far, despite these issues with ReadyShare, the router has been great

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Re: wndr4500 w/ 3TB GDrive

3TB drives use a different set up which many firmwares cannot cope with.

With the Netgear ReadyNAS units a firmware update is required in order to use the 3TB drives. I have not heard of such an update for any of their routers to date.

Personally I would treat the USB ports for only small external drives and consider a dedicated NAS for anything larger. There are so many more benefits that such a unit can offer that, cost aside, it really does improve things all around.
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