wnr2000v3 question


wnr2000v3 question

hi, im having a problem with my new computer. i want to make sure im explaining this right so here goes.

ill call my main computer 'computer 1' and my new one 'computer 2'. computer 1 is a desktop set up by cable modem with a netgear wgr614v9 wireless router. ive had no problems with it. my laptop can successfully connect to it. computer 2 is a desktop and was bought with a netgear wnr2000v3 wireless router. i have not been able to get that router to connect to my network.

is this the right hardware to connect to my network or will i need a usb wifi adapter? the computers are in separate rooms and cannot have an ethernet cable connected to it. also if it is, how do i set it up to pick up my network?

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Re: wnr2000v3 question

You have to repeat and I would not suggested.

Half the performance and WEP encryption to repeat

If I were you, look at it wnce2001, wn2000rpt and wn3000rpt ,,, these are extenders and able to use higher encryption and do not require extra setting when you setup repeating
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Re: wnr2000v3 question

fadesik wrote:
the computers are in separate rooms and cannot have an ethernet cable connected to it.

How far is PC 2 from the WGR614v9 ?

How many intervening walls/obstructions are there?

Does the new PC 2 have a built-in wireless card?

If no wireless card built into PC 2, have you tried to connect to your wi-fi network using a USB adapter/reciever?

Using the WNR2000v3 or one of the repeaters suggested by jmizoguchi should only be an option to consider if distance or obstructions cause a weak signal or none at all, at the PC 2 location.

What I'm trying to understand is whether you really do need to repeat or extend your network's wireless signal.

If you can provide answers to some of the questions above, it would give a clearer picture of what your environment/situation is, so that appropriate advice can be given to you.
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