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DGN1000 keeps dropping line connection needing a reset

First off the DGN1000 should have it's own forum given by the number of hits you get when you search the internet for problems with that model.
I have been using a DG834G as a wired ADSL2 model/router for several years connected to my machines via a LAN cable. The DG834G would stay connected to my ISP for weeks on end and rarely needed resetting. It was so reliable that if I lost internet connection it meant the ISP was having a problem. I recently did some moving around and decided to buy a WN111 USB adapter to go wireless within my house and found it worked great. Ultra reliable but limited to 54MBs by the DG834G. So I bought a DGN1000 and have had nothing but problems with it. It's biggest issue is constantly dropping internet connection requiring either a software restart via the web-interface or more often a power off/on cycle. The unit is powered from a UPS so it is not a mains power issue. Around 1/4 of the times I lose connection I cannot even connect to the web-management portal. I notice the WN111 software Smart wizard is forever changing connection speed to it whereas when I reconnect the old DG834G bang rock solid no issues.
I did not research this model because I have been buying Netgear products since back when they were sold as Bay Networks and I have never encountered a product with them so I am shocked to find a product as flaky as this wearing a Netgear badge.
I phoned the 24/7 support number and got patronised beyond belief including the person on the other end denying there was a problem until I challenged them to search the internet for "dgn1000 drop line" or similar expressions. As an example, searching for "dgn1000 fail" in Google throws back 137,000 hits!!! Not bad for a supposedly isolated case.
Searching the internet reveals this is a worldwide problem leaving me with the question, what is Netgear doing about it?.. and what do us customers who need a reliable connection do to fix it? I do not believe it is an issue with the WN111 because it works excellently with the old DG834G.
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