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Does not connect to Windows XP

Im having trouble with connecting to Windows XP (saying router not setup for connection) now it works on my Windows 7 and on another laptop with Windows Vista but not XP...

I have the Ethernet cable Connected from router to laptop.. how can i get it to work on all the windows i have listed
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Re: Does not connect to Windows XP

getting any IP from the router ?
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June Mizoguchi-
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Re: Does not connect to Windows XP

As jmizoguchi is suggesting, it sounds like something a little more basic.

I have a couple of XP machines currently connected to mine via Ethernet cable and have no issues.

The first thing I would check is whether the IP address has been manually set for another router and to see if the new router has a different set of figures to be used.

Ideally you should not need to set the IP address on your XP PC as the router will issue one automatically. Check out this page:

Instead of setting the IP address to specific numbers, choose 'Obtain an IP address automatically' and you may wish to choose 'Obtain DNS server address automatically' or set this to a public DNS server.
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