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How To Check and Change Your Router's Firmware (Updated)


The purpose of this guide is to step you through the process of changing the firmware inside your router. If you are unsure what firmware means, basically it's software embedded inside a programmable memory chip. This software includes security and network protocols, as well as providing many other router functions. Firmware releases allow Netgear to change functionality and improve stability, to routers that are already sold.

It's worth noting that higher firmware version numbers do not always mean better firmware. However, as of this date, the general consensus indicates that the latest firmware releases are recommended. Older firmware links are included below for completeness. In addition, it's not safe to use Chrome or Safari. IE works, some versions might be slow. I use Firefox without issue.

Keep in mind, the idea is to have as trouble-free of a firmware change as possible. It's shouldn't be about how fast can you get this done, as it's not a race. You should read this post in it's entirety before attempting to make any changes to your router. As always, YMMV. Smiley Happy

Step One

Because there are four nearly identical models, you will first need to determine which router you own. If you already have the router connected, the easiest way to do this is to log into the router with your Web browser and type into the address field one of the following:

After you press the ENTER key, an authentication box will appear. If you have changed the router's Username and Password, enter those. Otherwise, the default Username is "admin" and the default Password is "password". Whenever you are typing these in remember they're case sensitive and the quotes are not needed.

Once logged into the router, look on the left side under the "Maintenance" section for "Router Status" and click it to go to that page. Near the top you will find the "Hardware Version". Knowing which version of the hardware you own is important so that you pick the correct firmware later.

You own a v1 router if your "Hardware Version" reads one of the following:
    WNDR3700v1 (v1.0.7.98NA) - Router uptime (d:h:m:s): 1155:02:31:46 - How To Check and Change Your Router's Firmware:
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