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I updated my WNDR3700v2 to v1.0.0.32

I updated my WNDR3700v2 to v1.0.0.32 and have been seeing a number of issues lately:

1. My Ubunutu 12.10 (on WiFi using Airlink 101 adapter) takes about 5-10 seconds more to connect.

2. The router status indicates that the region Europe though I am in US and bought the router locally. I can't figure out how to change this.

3. Worse, my printer and a number of other network devices have a hard time connecting.

Overall, a very buggy update for me. Anyway, I can revert back?

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Re: New Firmware Version: V1.0.0.32

This forum is for the WNDR3800 and not the WNDR3700. Not only does the WNDR3700 have it's own forum, but the firmware is different. Netgear has pulled v1.0.0.32 from their servers and is listing v1.0.0.12 firmware as current for WNDR3700v2 owners.

Unfortunately, by upgrading your router's firmware to v1.0.0.32 it is no longer possible to use the conventional method of downgrading. Instead, you will now have to use TFTP to downgrade to the v1.0.0.12 firmware. Or, wait it out. Instructions for how to use TFTP are in the WNDR3700 forum.
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