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Internet Monopoly For DDNS

I just ordered a 3400 router to use with my security system, which needs DDNS for a static IP address.

What is quite CONFUSSING, and really shady is that there are a lot of FREE DDNS providers out there, one in particular is which I just signed up for free and got my Static IP.

Well after doing some more research with this router, I come to find out that I can ONLY USE 2 services?? Of Netgear's own choosing?

1 which is, which is a PAY service starting at 20.00 a YEAR, or

2 TZO.ORG, which starts at 25.00 a Year???
Pretty much limits consumer choices ! \\

Really?? So How much money does Netgear get paid by those 2 providers?
to not allow you to enter the DDNS of your choice?

I know that my older D-link Modem had it so all you had to do was Input the DDNS provider address and name, and not be limited to only two companies/

I have not received the router yet, so maybe I am missing something, as to where I can manually enter the provider's information, but so far I can not see it.

Can someone enlighten me?

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Re: Internet Monopoly For DDNS

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