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Iphone connection problems

Hello there, not a clue if this is in the correct forum or not!!

Bascically, at work i have a netgear rangemax wireless router, DG834PN!

I have 4 pc's all connected by a cable (not currently using wireless) and i want to connect my iphone 4 to the system so i can browse the internet that way!!

The phone picks up the network, but when you try to connect, i get 'unable to join the network "netgear101"

It doesnt give you any clues as to why its not working!! When at home or at the girlfirends, i can wifi no problem, its just here i cannot join the network!!

Any ideas, its rather annoying!!

Many thanks
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Re: Iphone connection problems

Access the routers admin pages and check for any security. First disable all wireless security. No try to connect your Iphone with no security. If successful go back and add security back on the router and Iphone.
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Re: Iphone connection problems

if you are using wireless access list , disable it.
make sure to use WPA, WPA2 encryption as well
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