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Log Files

Hello Everyone,

I've had my DGND3700 for about 3 weeks now and (touch wood) have not encountered any of the major issues a lot of you have had with the stock firmware of I do however have issues with many of the smaller issues people have like NTP server, poor wireless coverage etc.

But onto my issue in this post:
I'm sure like many of you, I like to review the log file each week to see that nothing untoward has happened on my connection/network. However I notice that the log file fills up very quickly due to the limited file size. My old DG835G maxed out its log file at 50k but the new 3700 tops out at about 24k.
Does anyone know if this can be increased, or like everything else just wait and see what the new firmware brings ?


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Re: Log Files

There is a function to email a copy of the log file and clear the contents once this has been done, so the theory is that you would never need an infinite size.

Unfortunately you need to make use of port 25 to send emails from this router at the moment. Unfortunately no other ports can currently be used to send emails, so if like me you can't use port 25, please raise a support ticket.

This issue has been raised with Netgear, but the more people who notify them of the problems it is causing, the better.
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Re: Log Files

Hi Scubbie,

Thanks, I have no problem emailing the files as I have port 25 open for it.

The more I did into the log file issue, it is no evident that its due to the fact that the port forwarding, you cant turn off logging for matched ports.

I'm sure like many people that had the DG834G, you know that you can turn logging on, only on match or off completely, however on the 3700 there is no such option and as such whenever any connection matches connection from the WAN to the LAN it records it in the log file. In my case I have a couple of servers on my LAN, one of then is my helpdesk logging system. Yesterday alone, I collected several hundred of these 24k log file !!

So maybe this is more to do with the port forwarding then the actual log file part of the unit ?

I'll file a support ticket with Netgear over this and see how we go.

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