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MBRN3000 Traffic Meter

Well I have the latest firmaware, version V1.0.0.72_2.0.12WW

The traffic counter seemed to be working, then today it seems to have reset even though the cycle should be until the 13th.
Just noticed the date..

Start Date/Time: Thursday, 13 Aug 1992 00:00
Current Date/Time: Sunday, 23 Aug 1992 04:33

It is actually the 8th April 2012..

The router has been up and internet connected for 50 minutes..

What's the story?
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Re: MBRN3000 Traffic Meter

I just created an account to post and say that my WNR3500L is doing the same thing. It has caused all kinds of hell for my traffic meter status. Hopefully someone can shed some light on the topic.
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Re: MBRN3000 Traffic Meter

Dates issues are from router not syncing with NTP server
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June Mizoguchi-
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Re: MBRN3000 Traffic Meter

Don't bother with manuels. NTP server hard configured in MBRN3000 seems down. No way to telnet or ftp for an other NTP server. Just sit'n wait for fixing the firmware or the NTP server after easter. Hope that vodafone (germany) HSDPA didn't cut the route :rolleyes: to make trafic control unavailable.
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Re: MBRN3000 Traffic Meter

Just ntp server seems been fixed.

Statistiken zum Internet-Datenverkehr

Startdatum/-zeit: Donnerstag, 22 Mär 2012 23:00
Aktuelle(s) Datum/Zeit: Montag, 09 Apr 2012 20:03

But statistis lost. Hope it will not happen again. 1992 isn't a funny year.
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