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Netgear DG834GB v2 with Frontier DSL

I have read online that it is possible to use a Netgear DG834GB v2 with Frontier DSL, but I have yet to figure out the correct settings. Frontier is no help, nor is Netgear. I can see from the the Router Status page of the configuration utility that I have a DownStream Connection Speed of 7638 kbps, but I cannot seem to get the settings right to get an IP and connect to the internet. I have read the TIPS100.pdf file on this forum, but the 'modem' only setting did not seem to work for me. Please help - near wits end!
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Re: Netgear DG834GB v2 with Frontier DSL

modem mode pdf is to bypass router function to use with other router behind the DG.

you need to get VCI/VPI value from the ISP and need to use that on DG setting to work correctly
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