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Netgear Model: WNR2000-100NAS

New to this forum. I just purchased this router. I had a DLink G router before. This one offers much faster speeds when compared to the D Link. Wirelessly, my speeds are really the same as wired. I have Comcast cable.
Upload speeds @ 21 MBPS
Download Speeds @ 4 MBPS

I recently purchased a verizon network extender for my cell phone to get better signals in my house. This is where I have issues. My calls are sometimes broken up. I was told that my old router didnt support QOS and that I would need to get a new I did. the NetGear WNR2000.
Here are my VOIP sped test results using

Why does the download speed show 1.1MB out of 14 available)?
My consistance of service is all over the place...sometimes 50%, 35%, 70%...I was told this is an issue.

This report refers to a connection test carried out by IP address on 18 May 2011 4:01:48 GMT-07:00.

Upstream jitter 1.6 ms
Downstream jitter 0.4 ms
Upstream packet loss 0.0 %
Downstream packet loss 0.0 %
Upstream packet order 100.0 %
Downstream packet order 100.0 %
Packet discards 0.0 %
MOS 4.1
REGISTER ms 776 ms
INVITE ms 783 ms
BYE ms 2 ms
Test All Plugins

SO my questions is "can I change the router settings to help"?

I did go in and make changes to priority and I gave my laptop and the verizon network extender the highest prioroty....but I beleive I still get bad results on Consistancy of service on my speed tests.

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Re: Netgear Model: WNR2000-100NAS


I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you. But I do have a question.

Are you still able to run a Verizon Samsung Network Extender through the Netgear WNR2000?

I don't want to buy the extender if it doesn't work with the WNR2000, or at least I'll know I have to buy another router if I do...

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