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Re: ReadySHARE Printer is connecting, won't print

I have a top of the line Toshiba Z930 ultrabook and a PC wired to a Netgear WNDR4500. Both run Win7 Ultimate.
It doesnt matter which device I turn on first at the start of the day, when I look at the Netgear USB Control Centre the PC seems to take over "connection" to my Hp Inkjet 1200.
Now when I print from the Ultrabook I can wait for 3-10mins before the printer starts printing. Its very frustrating when you need something quickly.
If Ido I have to get the PC user to shutdown then my Ultrabook printing starts.
Any clues?
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Re: ReadySHARE Printer is connecting, won't print

Yeah, it would be nice when Netgear offers new features that they actually work well. I have been struggling with my WNDR3800 for six month! I finally gave up a couple days ago and bought a Linksys (Cisco) router. Wow, what a difference! Even making changes to the setup go much faster. Never understood why any changes you made to a Netgear router like the WNDR3800 required such a long re boot? Maybe its the Firmware? I never actually liked the open source crap Netgear used. I certainly tried out ReadySHARE a couple times with a HP OfficeJet 6500. Never did work on a Mac and PC's were losing connection to it all the time. As for the storage options. Netgear admits it does not support Apple's format for HDD. So unless you use FAT32 or FAT your not going to get PC support. I have learned that if you have a Mac or any Apple product. Your basically going to have to accept that your married to Apple. No third party hardware really supports Apple products well.
Its still a PC world.
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Re: ReadySHARE Printer is connecting, won't print

I have HP Laserjet P1102 and in my Netgear DGND4000.
Menu in USB Setting is select Basic.
When try to change this to ReadySHARE Printer, appear me help page with istruction

ReadySHARE Printing
Print Sharing for Windows PCs and Mac Computers with a USB Printer

How It Works?

Step 1: Connect the USB printer to the router’s USB port with a USB printer cable.

Step 2: Install the USB printer driver software on each computer that will share the printer.
If you do not have the driver, contact the company that made the printer to locate and download the latest printer driver software.

Step 3: On each computer that will share the printer, download the NETGEAR USB Control Center utility from

Follow the instructions in the utility to connect to the printer from your computer and print.

but in the router not accept the new change ReadySHARE Printer

My printer work direct connect with USB but not able to print with router Netgear :mad:

I use Windows7 with lastest update.
I have last firmware of router Smiley Sad
Windows utility Genie crash after 10 second Smiley Sad

With my ipad is not possible to print with Netgear Ready Share Printer.

For my opinion in this router Netgear are disable possiblity to activate ReadySHARE Printer


Is someone have some ideas are well!!!
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Re: ReadySHARE Printer is connecting, won't print

With Support i have disabile firewall of Windows and Printer print. But in menù rest basic. My question: what's optional ReadyShare Printer if i don't able to set?
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