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Readyshare printing problem


I got a WNDR 4500 a couple of months ago. Set up readyshare printing and everything seemed to be fine.

But in the last few days all of a sudden we have had lots of connection problems. If I open up the USB Control Center, I can see the printer and it says waiting to connect, but then it disappears from the list of available devices. It basically disappears and reappears for a few seconds at a time and just keeps cycling. If I wait until it shows again and then quickly select it and hit connect, it just says that the connection has failed. My wife's laptop is doing the same thing.

The only things I have changed on the network recently are to:
1. add a USB remote HDD attached to the router. I downloaded the utility from the site and installed, no problems there. I seem to be able to access that no problem, but when I open up my computer, the image of the external HDD flashes on and off at about the same rate as the printer does.
2. my wife has a new computer. I named it the same as her old one when I set it up, thinking she was done with her old one. Recently she has started using the old one sometimes, and I added readyshare print to it about a week ago. So would it be freaking the usb control center out to have 2 machines with the same name? or does it just go by IP address?

We are both using Windows 7. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer drivers and software, and the usb control center software too, but no improvement.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Readyshare printing problem

does your hard disk use external power?
if no, maybe the hard disk drives too much current, the USB ports shutdown for a moment (over current protection).
perhaps you can remove that hard disk and check again.
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Re: Readyshare printing problem


Yes the HD has external power. And I also tried unplugging it and just having the printer plugged in to see if that made a difference. It didn't help.
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