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Slow Network Performance

I was wondering what are the limits of this router, because I'm getting very slow wired connection speed. I have maybe 10 users on this router but I have 20 user cascaded behind this router on a R6300 and i'm having no speed problems on it.

Modem------>R4500(10 Users)----------->R6300( 20 Users)

The R4500 wired and wireless are very slow, but the R6300 which is going thru the R4500 is going at full speed.
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Re: Slow Network Performance

if the 6300 is ok and it's in AP mode connected to the 4500 lan port then I would think the wired 4500 connections would be fine.

You might try using 6300 as router and 4500 as AP other than that purchase a prosafe router made for businesses. As for limit looks like you found it. Less than 30!

Limit is based on your expectations, bandwidth available divided by users.
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Re: Slow Network Performance

I think most minimum wifi now days are around 25 devices for consumer but since it will divide the bandwidth as already suggested I don't think

Here is some products from netgear that will support higher wifi devices .
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