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WNDR3300 Cuts Internet/LAN speed in half... why?


I have the WNDR3300 wireless router. This thread is about hardwired connections to it though.

When I plug my cable modem (via charter) directly into my PC. I get speedtest results from and in the ball park of about 80-90 Mbps. I pay for their 100Mbit service (yes, 100Mbit cable service).

When I plug the cable modem into the router (factory settings or not) and my pc into one of the LAN ports then those speed test results are stuck at about 45-55 Mbps and never faster.

I'm computer and network savvy and can only blame this on the router currently. I will later troubleshoot more with some packet sniffing but I doubt I'll see any cause since I really probably need tools on the router itself to see if it is throttling speed or queuing packets for some reason.

Why does the WNDR3300 cut my LAN internet speed in half?

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Re: WNDR3300 Cuts Internet/LAN speed in half... why?

see show statistic on your router and see what WAN shows as 100 full or 100 half
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