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WNDR3400 restart wiped out all settings?

I have a WNDR3400 router and occasionally need to reset it as my devices either aren't connecting properly or react really slowly. I've had the router for a little over a year and haven't had any issues doing this before (by reset I just mean unplugging it and my cable modem for about 30 seconds and replugging it in). However, this morning when I tried to do so, it seemed to have wiped out all of my settings, including my network name and password protection. It defaulted to the names NETGEAR and NETGEAR-5G. Has anyone else experienced this and is this cause for concern? I was able to get in to the configuration and add back my original name and password information and it seems to be functioning fine. We weren't sure if this indicated some kind of security breach or hardware issue or anything. I did notice that there was a firmware upgrade ready for it, which I also applied as part of my reconfiguration of the router.
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Re: WNDR3400 restart wiped out all settings?

hard rest the router and setup at the router...

some of the behavior can be from power issues. make sure to invest in APC Backup UPS or similar to keep all the electronics devices from abnormal power outlet issues.
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