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WNDR3800 loses internet daily

I'v had this router for about 4 months with the same problem about 2 months ago and reoccurring the last 2 weeks. The router works great for approx a day or 2 then I lose both wireless and wired connection. All light's are normal on the router when this occurs. I try to login to the router through a wired connection using the genie and it can not connect. I also try to via web using my ip remote access login. And still nothing. After turning off the router for 10 seconds using the power button the router operates properly. I have removed all power from the modem and router for up to 30 minutes then turned the modem on then the router. So far it still loses internet daily. Any help would be great. Thanks

Router- WNDR3800 firmware version- v1.0.0.40
Cable modem- Cisco model- DPC3010, DOCSIS- 3.0
ISP Charter Cable- 30mbps
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Re: WNDR3800 loses internet daily

Hard reset the router and observe the issues

see router reset on my sig below
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June Mizoguchi-
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Re: WNDR3800 loses internet daily

These are the suggestions from Netgear support:

I have completed a hard reset. I changed the MTU from 1500 to 1400. Upgraded to firmware V1.0.0.44. Reset the router after upgrading. Reflashed the upgraded firmware and reset and unplugged the router. I have noticed that when this occurs I can see my wireless SSID but can not connect to it. Still lose internet atleast daily. I have went through 4 email exchanges so far with Netgear support with no change in the operation of this router.

I lose internet connection to:
2 wired computers
1 wireless computer
1 iPad
3 iPhones
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Re: WNDR3800 loses internet daily

"Happy" to see that I'm not alone with this problem.

Occasionally (on average once per day) the Internet connection hangs. If I have an SSH session or Skype call on, they go on for quite some time, but no new requests go through. Most applications and apps (email, Tapatalk, Facebook) just complain about bad connection. Web browser complains about DNS server not responding. Direct IP requests outside of my LAN time out. Direct IP addresses inside the LAN seem to work.

Rebooting the router always corrects the situation.

I may have pinpointed a possible culprit. I have two IPTV set top boxes, and when I browse through the IPTV (multicast) channels, the connection hangs. Even these channels are viewable after router reboot, but mostly the hanging seems to be related to IPTV channels.

My setup is as follows:

These are connected via ethernet:
One desktop PC
Two set-top-boxes
One bluray player
One media player

These are (occasionally) connected via wifi:
Three smartphones
Two tablets
Four laptops
IP-camera (this is on all the time sending video)

My broadband connection is through ethernet, as a fibre (100M/10M) comes to the building.

So does somebody from Netgear actually read these forums, or are we jabbering here out of boredom? Should I also complain to tech support?
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Re: WNDR3800 loses internet daily

jryi wrote:
1. So does somebody from Netgear actually read these forums, or are we jabbering here out of boredom? 2. Should I also complain to tech support?

1. Generally no.
2. Yes, contact tech support for help also.
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Re: WNDR3800 loses internet daily

I'm in the same boat. The router worked flawlessly the first few months. I get bumped off 2 or more times a day currently. I purchased art Costco, just may return it and move. It is very frustrating! Thx to anyone he can help resolve these issue!
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Re: WNDR3800 loses internet daily

I'm having exactly the same problem with the WNDR3800 at my parents house. You power cycle the thing and connection (both wired and wireless works fine), but 24-48 hours later you try to connect wirelessly and the router won't accept a login. (The wired connection continues to work, in my case, however.) Last month it cost my brother $20 in data charged... because he naturally assumed it was working and he was using his cell phone data plan.

This product sucks, I want to go back to the old model wireless router, but parents don't have it anymore. (Service provider is Charter Communications, and their support is completely useless.) :mad:
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Re: WNDR3800 loses internet daily

You know I am not sure what is the cause for everyone. But I have learned to live with the quirks of this model. I am running latest firmware and basically WiFi is the only issues I have had with it. I found for what couple devices worked with the 5Ghz band that they actually worked better under 2.4. I also found that if you have other 2.4 station near your router they can really mess with your connectivity. Especially if your trying to max out speeds to 300mbps. I found a more stable solution is to set 2.4 band to 54Mbps which is basically G mode and I have had much less connection drops. It has not affected my streaming as my broadband max speed down is 25mbps. So I still have plenty of headroom with 54Mbps. I don't have any need for higher speeds on local network so this solution works best. The advantage of N speeds only seems to be effective in areas where stations are further apart. Still nothing more reliable then Wired LAN in my book.
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