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WNDR4500 repeater Base

I have a WNDR4500 that I want to use as a repeater base and a WNDR3700 to function as the repeater. I can't find specific instructions for setting up this combination. One thing I keep seeing is that for repeating we have to use WEP security but the 4500 doesn't seem to have that.
Anyone know how to set this up or where there might be 4500-related repeater setup instructions?
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Re: WNDR4500 repeater Base

repeat will ONLY uses 54Mbps so you will ONLY get WEP when you drop wireless mode in the main router to get WEP

it means you have poor performance of hackable WEP with 54Mbps and not N speed.

look at extender product

wn2000rpt,wn3000rpt, wnce2001,wnce3001. etc
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Re: WNDR4500 repeater Base

Thanks! I am working on getting my ReadyNAS hooked to the 4500 via a USB cable rather than the LAN cord so I can free up a LAN socket to do the extender.
I heard about the throughpupt drop earlier and have been looking at extenders rora little while this am
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Re: WNDR4500 repeater Base

Repeater mode is working under unsafe mode too and as I understand on full speed
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