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WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet


I'm new, and now quite frustrated user to this forum. I've tried googling and solving this issue by the tips I found on various forums but nothing has really helped. I own a WNR3500L that I bought just before christmas. I set it up and everything worked fine, I then left the apartment and it for a trip to my family. I connected to my FTP and RDC now and then to check how things were going, and this worked well for about two weeks, then it suddenly stopped working. When I got back two weeks after that, I found that both my computers got the message "Limited or no access to internet" in Windows. I rebooted the router, and it worked fine for a few days, but after that I got the same problem every day.

Basically, what happens is that everything works fine, everything is smooth, fast, stable, you name it, even during quite heavy load, I'm on 100/100 and use it quite much at times. However, typically somewhere between 23:30-01:30, all computers connected to the router looses the ability to connect to internet. I still reach all other computers and the router, basically everyhing within the LAN, but nothing outside. Can't ping DNS-servers, nothing. This sometimes occur between 09:00-11:00 as well, but not as frequently. So, what I've tried so far is the following:

Changed from standard Netgear firmware to DD-WRT and yesterday Tomato in one last desperate attempt, nothing helped, the same behaviour.

Added exceptions in the firewall to make sure that the router gets a new lease from the ISP every 6:th hour (12 hour lease time). Didn't help, diasble the firewall didn't help, and these problems might occour with anywhere between 12 and 6 hours left of the lease time.

Disabled the wireless network. No difference.

Deattached my FTP/Torrent-server. No difference.

Changed to level 3 DNS, as well as a few others, among else OpenDNS and GoogleDNS. No difference.

Set static IP and DNS for wired computers and disabled wireless. No difference.

Monitored the RAM and CPU using when the problems occoured.

Updated the drivers for the network cards in all computers, even tried a different network card in the FTP-server, no difference what so ever.

Tried logging using DD-WRT, but couldn't find any patterns, no strange results that I could see, it just suddenly stopped.

The only thing that works: Reboot, detach the cable from my "modem" (a "mediabox" from the fiber company), doing a manual DHCP renew in the router interface. Then it will work for about 24 hours or less before it does the same thing again.

So, any clues? I would be very grateful! Or should I just try to return it to the shop I bought it from and get another one?

With best regards
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

I would just like to verify something. Seems that you had already tried some possible workaround on this issue. Upon experiencing dropping of connection, have you tried bypassing the router and check if you also have active connection through your modem? Can you also please inquire directly through your service provider if your modem has a "keep alive" settings or any settings that could possibly be terminating the connection when long idle times occurs?
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

I have netgera wnr3500l with tomato 1.28 and I have same issue on that. Most time everything works fine but 1 or 2 for day router lost connection with internet. I can ping my router from my laptop but I can't ping anything else.
Today I was try to connect my old router and via this old linksys everything works fine.
Have anyone got any idea what could be a reason or what I should test?
If You need some logs or settings, please ask about it. I will put here everything what can help solve problem.
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

I also have the intermittent disconnect issue.
It has happened since I bought the router, about a year ago.
I cannot say there is any regular time or occurance that seems to be co-incident.

I have Comcast HS Internet with VoIP using the Thompson RCA modem. I bought my own modem about three months ago, the same as the Comcast one. No difference in the intermittent connection with different modem.

I just turn the power button off then back on and it immediately connects again.

I just updated to the new firmware so I will let you know if there is any change.
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

I too just recently started experiencing these mysterious disconnections. I am using the WND3500L, firmware version V1.2.2.46_35.0.57SK (this is the SamKnows FCC testing f/w). I had this device since the monitoring program started. I am using Comcast / Xfinity High Speed Internet. Up until 04/06/2012 the cable modem was a Motorola SB5101. On Apr 6th a new modem was installed for the Triple Play package - the new modem is an ARRIS TM722G DOCSIS 3.0 , HW_REV: 3, BOOTR:, and SW_REV: 7.4.63A.SIP.PC20.

From April 6 until April 27 everything worked perfect, then suddenly while I was browsing some web pages I lost the connection. Upon logging onto the router under the Connection status it showed an IP address of, Subnet of, Default Gateway, and DNS Server . Meanwhile the indicator lights for the modem were all in the green (literally all the lights were green indicating a normal working connection). I had no connectivity, wired or wireless.

I did a hard powercycle on the modem - removed battery from modem, disconnected power. I also disconnected power to the router. After waiting approx 1 minute I powered up the modem, waited for it to complete the boot cycle. I then applied power to the router. When the router came online it was still showing no address information. Also during these events I am unable to access the modem status pages. Pinging reports the modem as unreachable.

I did this powercycle several times, I also tried changing the router's MAC address - used the default, tried a manual entry and I also tried cloning the PC's MAC address. Each one failed.

I tried reloading the latest firmware, and finally I did a 30-30-30 reset of the router back to factory defaults, and upon completion of the power-on cycle still no IP address. I even tried several ethernet cables including two new patch cables I made myself - no luck.

I then setup and put my old Linksys router in place of the Netgear. The Linksys connected immediately and I once again had IP connectivity.

Here is where it gets strange.. I have a spare PC server, I set that up to act as a DHCP server and connected the Netgear up to that - it immediately picked up the IP, Gateway and DNS addresses. At this point I left it sit with the Linksys connected. The next day I went and reconnected the Netgear back to the cable modem, my intention was to try a few more things - didn't get that far as it connected immediately with good addresses and IP connectivty.

That lasted about 4 hours when again, right in the middle of a browsing session the connection dies - cannot access the modem and router showing no addresses. I did another power cycle.. Shut off modem, did a 30-30-30 reset to router, brought modem online then router - got IP connectivity. This lasted from Sat night until Monday afternoon when it died again. It doesn't seem to be stable at the moment as these outages are happening more frequently.

It seems that sometimes a reset of the router will bring it back, but sometimes that doesn't work. There is no pattern, no specific time of day. No general length of time between outages. I can't say if they are happening when the system is idle, all these outages have occurred while someone was online and the connection was active.

Comcast of course is clueless - I get the old "we don't support routers" line each and every time. Not sure if it is the modem or they have my account screwed up because since upgrading to this triple play I have had channels come and go.. HBO disappeared one day, C/S says the account was setup wrong.. then I started losing high def channels, C/S tech says the boxes were programmed wrong- the HD box was setup for SD channels, and the SD box was programmed for HD channels. Not sure if that is the case now since I see others reporting the same or similar problem with the WNR3500L being the common denominator.

Any ideas as to what is going on here?
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

5 different posters and several different firmware, all the same problem. Will that be safe to say that something is faulty in the hardware for the WNR3500L router?
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

My WNR3500L worked flawlessly for a long time. I think over a year. I originally bought it with the intent of installing a 3rd party firmware, but it worked so well I never bothered.

But in the last few days, it needs to be constantly power cycled. My networked PCs lose internet, and even browsing to is non-responsive. After power cycle, everything is fine. I have done a 30/30/30 reset and it didn't last very long either.

The only thing I feel that I have done different lately is to run the GOG downloader (beta 3.1) heavily because I had purchased many games and decided to install some over the long holiday (US Memorial Day) weekend. But it does not appear to matter if I'm running that or not: the periodic lock up is still occurring.

I have Windows 7 64-bit. I am on Comcast cable internet. I have Netgear's latest firmware installed for the WNR3500L. I have a Linksys CM100 cable modem (and I haven't needed to power cycle it.... just the router). I am not completely useless with networking: I wired my house for gigabit ethernet, for example.

I'm reasonably confident the fault lies in the Netgear router, and it seems my woes started when I started doing a lot of downloading. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Like, should I try a 3rd party router solution like DD-WRT?
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

After doing a lot of googling and reading, I now think that the problem was related to uPnP and uTorrent. I found another forum where a person's router would lock up when he ran uTorrent 3.0 and the problem was fixed when he disabled uPnP. (He had the problem with both uTorrent and bitcomet, but at first he just blames uTorrent in general.)

This isn't wholly satisfactory because I've been running uTorrent non-stop for weeks (I seed stuff pretty much in perpetuity, especially if it has only 1.00 availability). But this weekend I added some gnarly large downloads (FLAC discography stuff).

So I think the router freezing was really a combo of some or all of the following: heavy traffic, uTorrent 3.0 uPnP, several multi-gigabyte torrents added at once.

When I thought the problem was solely due to heavy net traffic, I turned stuff off. That seemed to work. So I started to add things back. Amazon Cloud Drive client. GoG Downloader. No problems. But before I fired up uTorrent 3.0 I read that link above. Instead of rushing headlong into another crash, I updated uTorrent to latest version (3.1.3).

For a real test, I should have ran uTorrent 3.0 again and made sure I crashed the router, but I was tired of losing internet so I committed troubleshooting blasphemy and skipped the part where I reproduce the error on purpose. Maybe later I'll atone for my sins by rerunning the old client and mortifying my router.

No matter what happens, I'll make it a point to come back in here and report on it. Maybe I'll even fire up 3.0 and make sure I hang the router with it....
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

I have a very simular problem, but with a WNDR3400v2. I was using it when all of a sudden no internet. It thinks it's connected, and the readyshare and lan work prefectly but no internet. Is it dead???
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

This has been happening to me several times a week since I bought it a year ago. Overnight, my phone and/or my laptop will lose internet connectivity, even though they can still ping the router or other devices on the network. I've found nothing in the log files or settings or troubleshooting software to find the problem. It seems I have to be there monitoring the logs when it happens to catch it (an 8-hour window).

If I unplug the router and just use straight modem internet, the attached device doesn't have a problem for the whole week. It seems to be the router, period.

There has to be some way to troubleshoot this.
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

:mad:I have been fighting this problem with my WNR3500L for over a year. It is so intermittent that finding a related root cause to the symptom (wireless internet is lost *sometime* - typically overnight), that I have resolved that it can only be the router or the firmware.

I have colleagues and friends and also seen posters on this forum talk about loading some open source firmware or router OS to address this, but I didn't purchase Netgear Gigabit hardware in order to maintain a Frankenstein version of the equipment and have to learn all that crap myself. I am not a newbie, or a rogue, or a neophyte; however, I have a life and a job, and having to wake up at least twice a week and recycle the power on my router because it flaked off in the overnight is becoming unacceptable.

And of course, Netgear router is out of warranty or return period, and Netgear assumes no culpability in this issue.

No matter the parent organization - I have been through similar with D-Link, Linksys, and a handful of other off the beaten path brands; I have changed ISPs 2X since this router's behavior began, and I have had the satellite and cable providers BOTH trace the entire link from pod to house, from in house to modem. Replaced cable modems all show that the issue sits within the router.

So do i go spend ANOTHER $100+- for another *new* router that will resolve all my wired and wireless issues? This is getting to be about an every 2 year replacement purchase, and I am fed up.

Netgear - fix your unreliable product issues, and don't tell us we need to purchase an updated piece of hardware to get there! Loading off-brand or open source firmware is not a viable option.

Flame away.:mad:
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

I am also having problems with the wireless side of my WNR3500L. It worked just fine for about a year until last week when I started having problems with everything other than small files. It just hangs. At first I thought my laptop was playing up as it has been overheating, but when I started to setup my new my new mobile phone, it too started having the same problem. I confirmed that it is the WNR3500L by replacing it with an old WGR614. Everything now works, albeit a bit slower.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is it time to consider a Cisco-Linksys E4200?

Thank you.
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Re: WNR3500L periodically losing connection with internet

I contacted Netgear Support and they sent me the instructions below.
I followed them and it resolved my problem, although I have this feeling that my wireless comms are not quite as fast as they were before.

I understand that you are experiencing intermittent wireless conenction issues, when connected to the WNR3500L wireless router. I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. Please be assured that I will do my best effort to help resolve your case in the least amount of time.

Since we are doing this online, it may require a few email exchanges before we can resolve the issue.

Regarding the concern, it may be possible that the unit is experiencing a hardware fault, but the same issue may get resolved by REFLASHING the firmware on the router.

It is in this context, please try REFLASHING the firmware of the router using the steps below:

A. Visit the following link to download the latest firmware. Firmware Version (WW).zip

This is a zip file and you need to Unzip to extract the Firmware Update.

B. Open the router page and upload the firmware using the following steps:

1. Connect a computer to the router using any one of the 4 available ports.
2. Open a web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
3. Access the router's GUI by typing '' or '' in the address bar.
4. When prompted for Username and Password, please enter 'admin' for the Username and 'password' for Password.
5. Under Maintenance, click router Upgrade.
6. Click Browse and locate the upgrade file.
7. Click Upload.
8. Wait for the router to reboot. Click on 'Logout' (at the bottom of the list) from left menu.

Once the router has been upgraded, please perform the steps given below to RESET the router to factory default and then Reconfigure, to optimise the Firmware update:


With the help of a paper clip, press the reset button on the back of the router for 20 seconds (please refer to the label on the bottom of the router for reset button location). Release the reset button after 20 seconds and turn off the router. Turn the router on after few seconds.


1. Connect an Ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN port of the router (isolated port).
2. Connect the computer to the router using any one of the 4 available ports. Please make sure that there is no direct connection between the modem and the computer (either using Ethernet cable or USB cable).
3. Power off the modem and the router after making the connections.
4. Power on the modem and wait for the lights to come on and then power on the router.


1. Open a web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
2. Access the router's GUI by typing or
3. When prompted for Username and Password, please enter 'admin' for the Username and 'password' for Password.
4. Click on 'Basic settings' from the left menu and select 'Use Computers MAC Address' from 'router MAC Address' section.
5. Click Apply.
6. Now Click on WAN SETUP under ADVANCED and change the MTU size to 1400 and apply settings.
6. Once it updates the settings then power off the modem and the router. Power on the modem and wait for the lights, then power on the router.

Open up another browser window and try to access Internet. Once online on the main computer connected through the router. Perform the following tasks to configure the wireless connection:


1. Click on wireless settings from the left menu(Under SetUp).
2. Type your SSID (Network Name), select Channel (Ch) as 01 and Mode default.
3. Select security options as 'WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)'.
4. Set the 'Authentication Type' as 'Automatic'.
5. Set the 'Encryption Strength' as 64-bit.
6. In Key 1 type a 10 digit number.
7. Apply the settings.
8. Now click on 'Wireless Settings' under Advanced from left hand side menu.
9. Make sure the Enable Router Radio is checked for both 2.4ghz and 5ghz network.
10. Change the Fragmentation Length to 2000 and CTS/RTS Threshold to 2001.
11. Apply settings.

Once the router has been reconfigured, please perform the below task on the wireless Windows 7 /Windows Vista computer:

1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel.
2. In the Control Panel Home window, click on Network and internet.
3. Double-click on Network and Sharing Center.
4. In the left hand side click on Manage Wireless network.
5. If you see any name in the list, please select the name and click remove.
6. Once the list is empty, go back to network and sharing center.
7. Select Connect to a network. Choose your network from the list and click Connect.
8. If security is enabled on the network, enter your wireless network security key or passphrase and click OK.

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