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WNR834B v2

Network devices:
Blu-Ray IP:
iPhone IP:
Xbox 360 IP:
NetGear Router WRN834b v2 IP:
Motorola modem 2210-02 IP:

Error Message:
[DOS attack: STORM] attack packets in last 20 sec from ip [], Tuesday, Nov 01,2011 20:16:15

i've been experiencing this error message when connected to the internet any idea what it can mean and how dangerous it is i've scanned my computer for viruses and nothing has come up i used norton, bitdefender and malwarebites none detected a virus on my computer. Could this be a false positive?:confused:
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Re: WNR834B v2

Your modem is also a router and should be set to Bridged Mode if possible.
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Re: WNR834B v2

Motorola modem 2210-02 is dsl/gateway....

you can login into 2210 and change to bridge mode easily.
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