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WPN824 - Cannot Access Router Login

I apologize if this is redundant, but I have searched for several days, and could not find a solution as of yet.
I have a RangeMax WPN824 (ver.1) that I am able to use the wireless portion but randomly drops off the Wireless Earth. I will unplug and replug, and it will come back sometimes and others not. I can never use it while hard wired even though the lights on the front all show correctly.
I have reset using the push button on the back and rebooted all devices (in the recommended order) lots and lots of times.
I would like to reset everything software wise as well, but I am not able to access the Router.
I have ensured the cables are plugged in correctly. I have tried,,,, even to no avail.
I just get the standard "Webpage cannot be found" or Displayed.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: WPN824 - Cannot Access Router Login

With the wireless PC communicating through the router go to a Command Prompt and type ipconfig /all then look at the gateway address, that is the address of the router.
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Re: WPN824 - Cannot Access Router Login

If you reset the the unt the default I are used which are shown at bottom of the router,

It does sounds like unit is failing
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