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looking for help: fix slow internet download

I just picked up this WNDR4500 to get wireless printing and try out the readyshare USB drive access (both work well). However, it seems to be falling down on basic internet connectivity.

Using a computer cabled to the router my internet download speed is substantially slower than it should be. Any advice on how to fix this issue is appreciated.

Here are the observations:
1) computer <--> old N300 <--> cable modem = 3+mbps downloads
2) computer <--> new N900 <--> cable modem = <1mbps downloads
3) computer <--> cable modem = 3+mbps downloads

A few notes regarding these tests:
+I used the same network cables and computer for all tests to eliminate those variables
+running firmware version V1.0.1.18_1.0.36 (latest update the router found from NetGear)
+These speeds were reproduced multiple times, at various times of day, and multiple days of week over a 2 week period with no variation
+N900 settings are factory default
+I have disabled port scan and DoS protection (suggested in other threads on here) with no impact on performance

Any thoughts on how to get the N900 up to speed of my older router are appreciated.
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Re: looking for help: fix slow internet download

After trying several additional things suggested by friends who do networking for a living I'm officially stumped. This router seems to not work as expected so I'm dumping it and switching to an equivalent from Cisco.
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