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lost user name for router login

I am trying to change my password on my Wireless G Router WGR614v10.

When I typed in it asked for my user name. In all of my notes, I don't find "user name." I used "admin" to set it up, but haven't touched it since. "admin" doesn't seem to work.

My question is how do I find this "user name" or email a request for another.

The password is compromised; I want to change it.

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Re: lost user name for router login

Username is 'admin', password is 'password' on new routers. If this does not work, you will have to hard reset the router by holding the reset button in back for 30 seconds and release. Power cycle the router and try again.
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Re: lost user name for router login

My question is how do I find this "user name" or email a request for another.

If admin is not being accepted, it's possible the password was changed since you said it was compromised. The username (i.e. admin) cannot be changed, so it's reasonable to assume it's the password that's not being accepted.

As per advised, your only alternative would be to reset the router to factory defaults. Please ensure you follow the manual's instructions and use a wired connection when you do this. Since everything will be restored to factory defaults, you will need to re-input all your settings.

Seeing that your router was compromised, I'd advise you to change all your passwords/passphrases and usernames - and that would include on your computer(s) and other client devices too! Please also follow all advice for choosing strong passwords/passphrases, and use the highest level of encryption that your devices are capable of. I know it's a lot of work, but if you want to be sure you have covered all bases, you should knuckle-down and just do it.
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Re: lost user name for router login

Simply reset the router and setup all over .. Reset will wipe entire configuration.

Per suggested wireless encryption passphrase should be not same as prior and update all your WIFI devices.

Make sure to change password to the router GUI other than do not use special character in the password. Netgear Home End router tends to fail to work when special character is used but combination of upper/lower and number should use..
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Re: lost user name for router login

Another tip to prevent you forgetting the password:

Once your router is set up to your satisfaction, backup the config to a file, and note the password down somewhere.

Some of the older routers save their config into a plain text file with passwords visible, so you can save that somewhere safe (print it out?) then you have a note of the password.
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