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netgear genie on windows home server 2011

i'm trying to get netgear genie (NG) to work on windows home server 2011 (WHS 2011) more specifically i want to use airprint on my ios devices but don't want to have to have a windows 7 desktop running all the time to do it when i have a whs 2011 server running all the time that could easily handle the load.

i can install it and periodically it is able to log into the router and show me the settings but most of the time it can't do it and tells me my router isn't compatible (WNDR4000) even though i know it is. aside from the login issue i have loaded the printers on the server, checked and confirmed i can print to them both. they are connected wirelessly to the router so i've also met that requirement.

when i open my ios devices (with wifi enabled) i can see the 2 printers on my server, and can choose them. when i hit print it never connects to the server, never opens up adobe reader (have latest installed) and never prints.

i tested it on a windows 7 machine and it prints like a champ with no delay or hesitation.

is there something special that needs to be configured in the server settings to allow this software to run properly?

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