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repeated ICMP_echo_req in log?

I'm starting to see nearly every 15-20minutes messages like this in my WNDR4000 log:
Service blocked: ICMP_echo_req] from source, Monday, Feb 06,2012 04:01:15

but with varying source. Mostly US IP's, but some in the UK and this one in Belarus when spot checking. This seemed to start sometime late last week.

1) the router's doing it's job and blocking some unwanted attention, yes?
2) since it's from outside my LAN it's clearly a hack attempt, yes?

I'm running the router with NAT open and SPI/Dos and port scanning off. Is this dangerous, if someone's knocking at the door?

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Re: repeated ICMP_echo_req in log?

im getting the same thing with my N900 WNDR4500

[Service blocked: ICMP_echo_req] from source

also i did a trace route on this IP and hmm its a very strange place

IP address is numbered This IP address is related to Japan. IP Country code is JP. ISP of this address is "KDDI Research & Development Laboratories, Inc.

also according to the logs someone keeps trying to remote access my PC via port 58949 ?? so i blocked access to this port on all IP range in the blocked services tab
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