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Firmware out of date

The nighthawk app has been only showing "Firmware out of date; Visit to update your routers firmware". I have visited router many times but I didn't get the update which the nighthawk app has been looking for.
Model: C7800|Nighthawk X4S-AC3200 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: Firmware out of date

Visiting will open the router Web UI only.


The firmware for your router model is available for download from - type the product name e.g. R7800 to access the support section for your router model. 


Permitting the guess (that's not the tagged C7800 - probably a R7800) is right, you will get guided to so select [Downloads] and pick the current firmware for download, unpack the ZIP archive, then follow the guidelines as available in the fine manual or the current firmware release notes on how to install the firmware file (R7800-V1.0.2.62.img is the file to be selected for upload, no double click or any other attempts to open or run it) to your device.



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