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BR200 Factory reset after poweroutage.


BR200 Factory reset after poweroutage.

I have a site with a BR200, FirmwareV5.10.0.5, that has factory reset itself after a power outage. The first time there was a several day outage at the site and when it came back up I noticed the network wasn't talking and the ip scheme had changed. When I couldn't log in  with my credentials I used the default one and realized the router had reset.


Now about a year later they had only a brief power flicker and it reset again. All switches(netgear) and router are on a ups and I realized when I got onsite somebody at some point had moved the power strip from battery to surge only. Now I have power cycled and pulled the plug many a time before on a router, netgear and others, and never had it completely factory reset itself. Normally it might not matter too much if somebody it using default ip settings and just let dhcp do its thing, but I have non windows devices that run on static addresses and this makes a complete mess when it happens and involves a service call.


I have seen this before on other sites with R7000 nighthawks and didn't realize at the time when I was replacing them with new ones that it may be power related. Has anybody else had this experience?


I have  had enough issues with netgear routers and the fact that this device is "end of life",  I will be migrating them away from netgear to something more robust. Not all sites have to space to use rack mounted smart switches and I like having a small form factor router to control my networks.

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Re: BR200 Factory reset after poweroutage.

Pretty sure the BR200 had some security issues and was recall/replaced because of. 

Security Advisory for Multiple Security Vulnerabilities on BR200 and BR500, PSV-2021-0286 - NETGEAR ...


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Re: BR200 Factory reset after poweroutage.

Hello @Shaggysan


Was your question answered? In this case could you give us feedback on the situation and accept the posts here as a solution to make it more visible to other users?


Thanks in advance!


Have lovely day,
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Re: BR200 Factory reset after poweroutage.

This appears to be caused by damaged configuration partition. You may confirm it by doing following:

1. Add a dummy VLAN, change admin password

2. Reboot device

3. If device is back to factory default state(dummy VLAN gone, password back to default) after reboot, configuration partition is running out of good NAND blocks to replace bad ones.

4. If configuration partition is confirmed to be bad, and the device is under warranty, please request RMA.

5. If device is out of warranty, and BR200 WAN port can get access to Internet in factory reset state, you may add BR200 to Insight. In case of power outage, following will happen:

i/ BR200 boot up, settings are loaded from configuration partition, checksum is wrong, factory default settings are loaded.

ii/ BR200 connects to Insight server, pull settings from cloud

iii/ Settings from cloud over writes default settings and operates as expected.

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