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BR500 - Management Access from internal VLAN

Insight BR500 VPN Firewall Router


We have a BR500 router and GC728P switch that are set up with Insight. Some of the BR500 features are not available via Insight, so we connect directly to the BR500.  The BR500 management page is accessible from a client on VLAN-1 (LAN1 only.   There are other VLANs on the router and switch.  Each of the VLANs is working as expected.  I would like to be able to get access to the managmement web page from VLAN-10 (LAN4) with subnet


When I am connected to a switchport with VLAN-10 as the access (untagged), the message on the browser is:

404 Not Found

This server does not support the operation requested by your client.


When connected to a switchport on VLAN-1, or directly to a port on the BR500, I can access the page.  I have added and ACL on the BR500 to allow LAN4 to communicate to LAN1, but that did not make a difference.


VLAN trunking between the switch and router appears to be correct as there are WAC505's with WiFi working fine.


Can the BR500 be accessed from anywhere other than the default management VLAN-1/LAN1?




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Re: BR500 - Management Access from internal VLAN



Management of the BR500 can only be done through VLAN 1 currently. This has been brought up by engineering on a possible solution in a later update to allow VLAN routing to the admin portal of the BR500.

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