Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Business Router Community Beta


Business Router Community Beta

Those familiar with the ReadyNAS product lines would be aware it has provided betas to the communities to see up coming features or bug fixes. We are looking to provide a similar program to the other SMB products, and we are going to start with the Business Router product.


The first the to mention is the firmware versioning in these betas. The structured of the beta firmware versions is <year>.<week>.<test>.<build>, so disregard the 14 major firmware versions difference. When updating the firmware from the beta to production firmware will appear to be downgraded with the numbering, so you will be prompted a message that it is a downgraded.

The community betas that we make available will be compatible with production service when available. We will mention in cases of newer features/services available would require a beta server during the time of those specific betas.

Installing beta does allow for newer features before the release of the firmware. Beta firmware is strictly community supported. Typically, support will not support any new feature or software related to the beta firmware. In some cases, support will request to upgrade to beta firmware to fix related issues.



The 19.07.08 beta is available here.

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