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FVS336Gv3 - uploading existing PKI


FVS336Gv3 - uploading existing PKI

I have an already-generated PKI with cacert, certs, and private keys for an existing site-to-site VPN infrastructure, using numerous Ubiquiti & Mikrotik routers. I am testing out an FVS336Gv3, and notice there appears to be an option to upload certificates to the device. I am able to upload the CA cert successfully vai the "VPN -> Certificates" config web page, but I don't see an option to upload gateway certificate/key. Is there a way to do this? I notice there IS a way to generate/sign cert requests on the router, but that won't work here as I have an existing CA already in place, with client gateway devices distributed across several states and in various usage scenarios where I can't really take them down that often to change certs.

Model: FVS336Gv3|ProSafe dual WAN gigabit firewall with SSL and IPSec VPN
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Re: FVS336Gv3 - uploading existing PKI

Hello train_wreck, 


I don't believe there is an option as well. Please try using this guide instead. Let us know if it will let you use the existing CA certificate, it's for an older model but it should still apply. 



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