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Home prosafe Firewall

Hdello, I am looking for some advice to purchase a hardware firewall. My home setup is a virgin media router, which is set to modem mode only. This them connects to an Apple timecapsule, which handxles the wi-fi connections for my home devices. I have a QNAP NAS and have notivced recentlty multiple failed login attempts to it from external IPs from all over the world. As such I would like to purchase a reasonably priced Netgers switc/firewall to place between the cable modem and the Apple timecapsule so I can block these intirusions into my home network. Any jelp will be greatlty appreciated. I do not want to stop using my timecapsule as the router though.


many many thanks

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Re: Home prosafe Firewall

Hi @tcummins857,


Welcome to the community! 🙂 


The NETGEAR ProSAFE VPN firewall product line is already EOL (End-of-Life).  Kindly check the announcement here.  


Still, there are resellers which sells the ProSAFE VPN firewall models: FVS316Gv2, FVS318N, FVS336Gv3 and SRX5308.  Be reminded that since these VPN firewall are already EOL, there are no new firmware that will be released anymore for these devices.  Firmware updates are important because there are sudden vulnerability attacks which happens unexpectedly. 


If ever you want to push through with any of the ProSAFE VPN firewall models, check the data sheet here to know about the specification of each firewall. 






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