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Insight Instant VPN Free Trial Period Has Ended


Insight Instant VPN Free Trial Period Has Ended

Insight Instant VPN RouterInsight Instant VPN Router

Attention users of NETGEAR Insight and the NETGEAR BR500 router, we want to alert you that the free trial period for Insight Instant VPN services comes to an end with the release of Insight 5.5. See more details on the release of NETGEAR Insight 5.5.


With this release, deployed on Monday, January 28, 2019, Insight Instant VPN is now a subscription service you can purchase from inside the app or from your distributor for Insight Pro users. As soon as you complete your subscription for Insight Instant VPN service, your service will continue with the settings as configured. 


How do I buy an Insight Instant VPN subscription plan?


An Insight pro account has the purchase of the Insight Instant VPN subscription, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will contain the purchase confirmation code you’ll need to apply to your account to begin or continue your Instant VPN service.

And don’t worry, your existing VPN groups settings will be saved and available for you to continue using.


For more info on an Insight Instant VPN Subscription plan, please visit the KB article.

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