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PR60X as a router.


PR60X as a router.

I am kind of disappointed.  Purhcased this device to be a basic router, no NAT, not advanced features needed.


However it appears that you CANNOT configure this router in this fashion.


I'm sorry but I really expected a router to be able to route.


Configuration for client has a static ip address for WAN link (fiber) and 13 usable ip addresses on the LAN that need to be routed for various servers and services.


However it appears that this device FORCES NAT behind the WAN address?


Very odd.


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Re: PR60X as a router.



And welcome to the NETGEAR Community! 🙂


We do apologize for any inconvenience but looks like the feature you are looking for is really not possible for this router. We use to have this feature with our old routers and we call it classical routing. But our old routers has ended their lives many years ago. 


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Re: PR60X as a router.

Yes, it seems that Netgear has decided that their "PRO" router should act more like their home routers.  IMHO, a "PRO" router should have the ability to turn this type of feature (NAT) off.  As a network/security professional, I expect my routers to route first, NAT is a secondary feature.



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