Router gets reset automatically every day


Router gets reset automatically every day

I have a Prosafe SRX5308 that has been deployed for years and works extremely well.  Except that for some reason it automatically resets itself every 24 hours.  At exactly 11:57 am.  We lose internet connectivity for a few minutes and then all goes well.  This has happened for years and we just have waited for the few minutes rather than traced the problem.  But now it is so inconvenient that I spent time ruling out hardware and connections and finally found this Router Statistics page that clearly tells me what is happening.  The Prosafe evidently resets itself every 24 hours. See the uptime on WAN1? This was at about 11:30 this morning.  Now it shows that it has been up for just under an hour.  I can't find any setting that tells the unit to reset itself.  Is this a hardware defect or am I missing a setting somewhere???  Can you help?20181204_113000S.jpg

Model: SRX5308|PROSAFE Gigabit Quad WAN SSL & IPSEC VPN Firewall
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Re: Router gets reset automatically every day

I solved my own problem (with duct tape, as ususal)!  I noticed that there is a time zone that can be set under the Administration tab.  So I set us up for the Bangkok zone.  Now my router resets itself at just a few minutes before midnight when no one is in my business to use the internet. We can now conduct business as usual at the busy noon hour thoughout the entire network without interruption. 


The whole phenomenon is strange because the settings are to be up all day, every day but it faithfully resets exactly every 24 hours.  There must be a setting somewhere that I am missing, but I won't look for it unless somone reads this and figures it out or until my Bangkok setting stops working.


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