SRX5308 multiple connection issues


SRX5308 multiple connection issues



I have 3 4G connections and am trying to use load balancing by aggregating the 3 to increase bandwidth on my LAN. I can setup the 3 connections individually using auto detect. As soon as I enable load balancing, the first WAN connection is shown as "UP" and the 2 others (WAN2 and WAN3) are shown as down and a "connecting" message keeps coming up. After enabling load balancing, there is no more internet traffic at all. Any ideas / clues highly appreciated.

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Re: SRX5308 multiple connection issues

Hi bradfeney,


Let us try to isolate the problem.  Kindly answer the questions below:


a. Were all of the 3 4G connections working fine with the SRX5308 before?

b. Are all of the 3 4G connections coming from the same ISP?

c. Are you using a 4G USB modem/router or a 4G modem-only device?

d. What is the current firmware version of the SRX5308?

e. Have you tried to reboot the SRX5308?

f. Have you tried to factory reset the SRX5308?


I look forward to your response.  Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy






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